As an ‘Investors in People Gold’ organisation, we are committed to realising people’s potential and developing our Burnley-based workforce. Our entire People Strategy is based on promoting staff engagement and working to identify employees’ strengths and helping them to use them more at work.

This involves coaching staff to help them understand what makes them happy at work and to make the most of their unique strengths. All senior managers are qualified workplace coaches and give extra help to staff to build on their strengths and learn new skills.

We have set up the Realising People’s Potential group, which sets the direction for how we manage, develop and communicate with staff so they can realise their potential. This is achieved by:

  • Encouraging staff to be the best they can
  • Helping staff increase their self awareness and develop their strengths and skills
  • Providing opportunities for staff to experience different roles
  • Removing barriers to development
  • Sharing knowledge across the group to encourage personal development
  • Encouraging a learning and development culture through coaching
  • Helping leaders develop authentic leadership styles
  • Developing effective communication channels
  • Developing the knowledge, understanding and skills of our Board.

All staff are recruited into Neighbourhood Action Teams, carrying out monthly walkabout inspections around Calico estates, as well as taking part in a range of community events and activities. The Neighbourhood Action Teams give staff a chance to engage with our communities, and to diversify and develop a range of new skills.

Good work is recognised through the Calico Stars scheme, which offers a range of rewards to ensure staff receive the recognition they deserve. Key successes are also celebrated at the annual Making a Difference staff award ceremony.

A staff suggestion scheme is available for employees to send ideas to improve our services directly to our Chief Executive. We also offer a range of other key benefits, including childcare vouchers, subsidised offsite gym membership, regular health checks and free eye tests.

We offer a number of different learning and development initiatives to help staff progress in their careers. These include:

  • Calico Study – If there’s a specific course or qualification staff are interested in, they can apply for help with fees, as well as time off for college, study leave and travel expenses.
  • Calico Discover – If staff wish to take up an evening class, we have set aside a fund from which they can apply for up to £175 to pay for course fees.
  • Management Development – To those joining us in a management role, we offer all the necessary resources and support to complete a modular programme of development as part of their 12-month induction. We also sit down with managers and create a more targeted personal development plan, aligned with both the needs of the business and their own ambitions.
  • Workplace coaching – Delivered by our qualified workplace coaches, coaching is designed to help staff identify what they want to achieve in their work, support them in making positive choices about their future, and help them move successfully towards their professional goals.
  • Calico Extra – A range of full or half day training sessions to find out more about colleagues’ work and our different service areas, as well as an opportunity for staff to learn essential new skills from experts in their field.

Last year, 11 employees received funding for non-work-related qualifications, from driving lessons to courses in nail beauty and technology, French, and teaching English as a foreign language.

We also hold regular events for staff each year to celebrate and embrace the diverse range of cultures in the community. This year, we are holding several monthly celebrations to recognise a different cultural event or activity, which is part of our Services for All strategic approach to encourage staff to raise cultural awareness.

Through the One Brick at a Time scheme, a number of staff are able to travel to Uganda for three weeks each year to help improve and renovate educational and health centres. As part of their commitment, staff taking part are also encouraged to raise funds that will contribute towards building and refurbishment costs.