CALICO Health and Wellbeing

At Calico, we provide a range of aspirational programmes to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing, and to stay safe and independent.

Acorn Recovery Projects is a registered charity that provides a range of innovative drug and alcohol rehabilitation services across the North West.
Increasing individuals’ employability, health and healthy lifestyles, while reducing health care, child protection and criminal justice costs.
Calico Assure is a telecare service which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and supports independent living.
Enabling vulnerable people to maintain active lifestyles while reducing social isolation and welfare costs.
Delphi Medical specialises in the clinical and psychosocial treatment of substance misuse, and delivers flexible and innovative solutions in the community and in the custodial setting.
Aiming not just to raise the standard of our work, but to inspire those we work with to better achieve their potential.
Elizabeth Street Project provides essential shelter and support for individuals who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Developing life skills and healthy living, and supporting a multi-agency approach to reduce homelessness in the long term.
Floating Support works with a number of local authorities across the North of England to provide services to help people find accommodation and to sustain their tenancies.
Developing life skills and healthy living, while reducing health care and child protection costs.
Calico’s Independent Living team offers a range of services specifically designed to help people stay as independent as possible.
Enabling vulnerable people to maintain active lifestyles while reducing social isolation and welfare costs.
Bean Good is a social enterprise providing meals on wheels whilst promoting healthy living and reducing social isolation.
The charity is operated by volunteers who gain employability skills, and helps to prevent reoffending.
Money Wise is dedicated to providing free, confidential financial advice and support to help reduce financial exclusion.
Increasing financial inclusing, while reducing welfare dependency and preventing poverty and homelessness.
SafeNet is a registered charity that empowers women and children to live free from domestic violence and abuse.
Preventing the risk of violence and reducing health care, social services and criminal justice costs in the long term.
Whitworth Care provides residential care and dementia-friendly services.
Aiming to deliver meaningful personal care which supports residents to lead active, vibrant lives.

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