The Calico Group

Our Purpose

Providing quality services that make a real difference to people’s lives

We want to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and their families, live peacefully and prosperously in warm, secure homes and safe, friendly neighbourhoods.

We have a passion for making our customers’ lives better.

Our Values - We all commit to, and care about, customers (going one step further with our customers), improving (improving and strengthening ourselves and our organisation), and wellbeing (our wellbeing as individuals and teams), to achieve our purpose of making a real difference to people's lives
Two Ring Stones apprentices wearing hard hats

Equality & Diversity

We provide homes and services to a wide range of people, including some of the most disadvantaged sections of the community. As a Registered Provider, we have a statutory duty to ensure that we provide equality for everyone who uses our services, and for those who work for us.

We also have a moral duty to respond to the wide social diversity within our community, and make sure we reflect this in our policies and procedures, and in practice through the day-to-day delivery of our services to the customer.

Our Equality Strategy, which has been drawn up with the involvement of tenants, staff and Board Members, sets out our principles and provides a strategic framework through which we will fulfil our obligations. It demonstrates our commitment to eliminating discrimination, identifying and removing barriers, providing equal opportunities for our Customers, Staff and Board Members, and ensuring that no one feels excluded or disadvantaged.

If you’d like to find out more about our work removing barriers and promoting equality, just call us on 01282 686300.

Equality and Diversity - CIH Charter for Housing
Housing Diversity Network

Our People

Lesley Burrows

Lesley Burrows, Chair of the Board

Lesley is Chair of the Board and is also a member of the Group Remuneration Committee. As Managing Director of Positive Footprints Network Ltd., Lesley brings extensive management and leadership experience and is passionate about Lancashire. Lesley is also the founder of The Job Junction Ltd.

Peter Bevington

Peter is a member of the Board. Peter is a Housing management consultant and brings a high level of previous involvement in community development and tenant participation.

Grahame Elliot

Grahame is a member of the Board. He is also Chair of the Acorn Board.

John Inglesfield

John is a member of the Board and is also a member of the Group Audit Committee. As Head of Social Housing Lending at Yorkshire Building Society, John brings significant housing management, development, financial and risk management knowledge.

Martin King

Martin is a member of the Board. He is a Director of his own business, Urban Green, responsible for the day to day operations and delivery, as well as strategic business development. Martin is a design professional and has a range of current experience across the housing and residential sector.

Paul Mayson

Paul is a member of the Board. He has been a Solicitor engaged in commercial legal practice for almost 20 years. He was formerly a non-executive Director with the Burnley Enterprise Trust.

Sarah Parr

A chartered accountant, Sarah is currently a Director with Altair Limited, providing a range of strategic advice to Registered Providers and Local Authorities.

Chief Executive

Anthony Duerden


(01282) 686499

Twitter: @Calico_Anthony

Anthony returned to Calico as Director of Customer Services in 2011 after working for Community Gateway Association for three years as Head of Property Services.  Anthony, who is a qualified accountant, had previously worked at Calico as Head of Finance before he made the move into Asset Management. Anthony is a former member of the Board of Lancashire Housing Partnership Ltd.

Group Director of Finance

Steve Aggett

(01282) 686335

Twitter: @calico_steve

Steve has almost 30 years of finance and business experience.  He started his career in audit and advisory at KPMG in Manchester, where he worked across both the commercial and not for profit sectors, eventually leading the Northern Housing Practice.

Steve joined Calico from Your Housing Group, where he was Divisional Finance Director responsible for approx. £120m turnover and leading a commercial business partner approach to finance.  Steve is responsible for developing and leading our financial strategy across Calico, which will support the continued growth and success of each company and the Group as a whole.

Group Director of Strategy and Business Development

Ed Barber

B.Ed (Hons), MCIH

(01282) 686305

Ed has over 30 years’ experience in housing and neighbourhood regeneration. He joined Calico from Trafford Housing Trust, where he was Director of Neighbourhoods and Renewal. Having led the stock transfer from Trafford Borough Council, Ed was instrumental in creating the performance culture required to deliver service improvements and efficiencies for the Trust. A founder Director of Procure Plus Ltd (formerly GM Procure Ltd), Ed also chaired their Skills and Employment Group, which successfully delivered apprenticeships, as well as small business and social enterprise development. Since joining Calico Enterprise in May 2009, Ed has trebled the turnover of this charitable subsidiary, which aims to support vulnerable people and provide skills and employment opportunities to the disadvantaged. New projects have included: the establishment of a Regional Apprenticeship Training Agency; a Future Jobs Fund programme (which saw 45% of 149 programme employees move into permanent employment); a family intervention project; volunteer management contracts; initiatives to support people with learning difficulties; and additional Floating Support contracts.

Group Director of Organisational Development

Vicki Howard

Bsc (Hons) MCIPD

(01282) 686481

Twitter: @calico_vicki

Vicki has almost 30 years experience as an HR professional, initially in the Transport and Retail sectors before joining Burnley Borough Council in 1998. She was part of the project team that delivered the Housing Stock Transfer in 2000, and has since played an instrumental role in the growth and success of The Calico Group.

Vicki has been responsible for delivering a People Strategy that recognises staff engagement as the route to business success, developing a values led organisation where people are happy and can thrive.

Vicki is also a licensed practitioner in psychometric tools, notably the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which she uses extensively in the organisation to develop individuals and teams.

Executive Director – Group Operations

Helen Thompson

BA (Hons), MSc, CIHM

(01282) 686431

Twitter: @HelenT_Housing

Helen is the Executive Director of Group Operations at Calico, responsible for the delivery of all of the Groups’ services across the North West including affordable housing, construction, development, support, skills, employment and training, and care. Before gaining this role in 2018, Helen held a number of senior positions within the Calico Group with specialisms in neighbourhoods, communities and customer services. Helen is also an Executive Board member of Ring Stones – Maintenance and Construction.

Prior to joining Calico, Helen spent 7 years at Places for People in a range of housing roles including working directly with customers as a neighbourhood officer.

Helen has an MSc from De Montfort University in Business for Housing, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Manchester University and an ILM 7 qualification in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

Ann-Marie Thornley

Head of ICT

(01282) 686354

Darryl Baker

Head of Communications

(01282) 686476

Twitter: @Calico_Darryl

Emma Knape

Company Lead – Delphi Medical

(01253) 405072

Helen Gauder

Managing Director – SafeNet

Twitter: @helenberry3

Helen Swinson

Assistant Director Assets & Communities

(01282) 686385

Twitter: @Calico_HelenS

James Macaree

Assistant Director – Ring Stones

(01282) 686427

Jane Williamson

Head of Care

(07542) 229367

Twitter: @Calico_JaneW

Karen Cunliffe

Assistant Director of Finance

(01282) 686341

Katie Willan

Head of HR

(01282) 686371

Twitter: @Calico_HR

Kirsty Fanshawe

Group Head of Business Development

(01282) 686756

Nicola Crompton-Hill

Director, – Health, Care and Wellbeing

(01282) 686315

Twitter: @Calico_Nicola

Nichola Wright

Assistant Director – Customer Services

(01282) 686467

Twitter: @Calico_Nichola

Philip Jones

Managing Director – Calico Enterprise

(01282) 686495

Twitter: @Calico_Phil

Steven Noonan

Assistant Director – Ring Stones

(01282) 686442

Wendy Malone

Assistant Director – Development & Growth

(01282) 686411

Corporate Plan 2016-19

Executive Summary


This is the second Corporate Plan for the Calico group since its creation in November 2013. The document marks the latest phase in Calico’s development as a growing and successful organisation and outlines our vision and aspirations for the future. Our new company structure positions the group with governance arrangements that reflect the diverse nature of the organisation. These arrangements will facilitate excellent service delivery and appropriate managed growth within both a charitable and commercial environment whilst ensuring robust protections are in place for the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) regulated Calico Homes part of the group. The plan sets out how we intend to drive the success of the Calico group further and details challenging targets against which we will monitor progress.

Our Corporate Plan 2016-2019 sets out our objectives over forthcoming years and highlights how we intend to achieve our targets in the current operating context and fiscal environment. Over the last twelve months, Calico has continued its performance of recent years by growing and prospering through increased turnover from new business, strong operational services and maintenance of a robust financial position. Whilst the development of Calico as a ‘group’ of companies working towards a shared vision has continued, the current economic climate and the associated changes in the public policy environment means that we face a period of uncertainty in many areas of the business, together with some real, longer term, risks.

Why was the Group set up?

(i) To continue to meet our strategic aims

To achieve our objectives within our current operating environment means we need to continue to pursue our successful Growth Strategy, diversify our activities, generate profits and maximise efficiencies if we are to continue to evolve and be successful as a social business. This approach brings inherent risks and the group structure helps to minimise such risks, which is particularly important to the regulated housing association who is required to protect its assets.

(ii) Diversification and the growing financial challenge

The current economic environment and associated Government public expenditure reduction programme has resulted in an extremely difficult trading environment for Calico. We have embarked upon a path of seeking to generate additional income from commercial activity via Ring Stones and this will be important in helping us to deal positively with these issues (for example, the profits could be used to assist in the funding of new housing development). However, we need to accept that commercialism and income generation is increasingly becoming a requisite part of our activities.

As such, it is likely that we need to continue to increase our scope of commercial activity and undertake work that brings additional income to Calico. It is important that we have an organisation and governance structure that is positioned to manage the inevitable risks associated with this expansion.

(iii) Governing increasing complexity from growth and diversification and managing the risk to the ‘core business’ of Calico Homes

Without a change to our group structure we risked the Calico Homes Board devoting increasing amounts of its time and resources to managing the activities and risks associated with the other companies in the group and less time on the core activities of housing. By making Calico Homes a subsidiary and freeing it from the governance issues associated with the management of a large (and growing) diverse group of companies we are able to ensure the Calico Homes Board is able to:

  • Retain its current skills base which is appropriate to the management of a housing association
  • Have the capacity and organisational focus to concentrate on delivering its sole objectives
  • Strengthen the protection around the social housing assets, ie stop them being used to support/guarantee non social housing activities.

(iv) Protection of the social housing assets

Our new structure achieves the aim of strengthening the ring fencing around the social housing assets and reduces non-social housing activities in the core housing business.

Regulatory Position

Of the Calico companies, only Calico Homes Limited, as a social housing provider, is regulated by the Government body the HCA. The Regulator undertook an In Depth Assessment in 2016 and we continue to maintain the highest possible ratings of G1 and V1 for our governance and financial viability.

The delivery of Value for Money, both financial and social, remains key to our successful navigation through the financial challenges we face for both existing and new areas of activity. Value for Money continues to be a key requirement in relation to strategic and operational decisions.

Financial Position

The annual assessment of Calico Homes’ financial viability by the HCA is once again at the highest graded assessment possible. This provides us with the requisite regulatory confidence in the financial viability of this core business activity to effectively manage the significant challenges posed by the current economic climate, the Government’s deficit reduction programme and their Welfare Reform policy agenda.

At the summer budget on 8 July 2015, the Government announced plans to reduce rents in the social housing sector by 1% for each of the next four years from April 2016. This breaks the ten year rent settlement of consumer price index (CPI) plus 1% which was effective from 2015.

As a result of the rent reduction we have set a revised efficiency target of £3m over three years. We have realised £640,000 of savings within the budgets for 2016/17. These will be achieved with relatively little impact on service provision to customers. We are currently ahead of our targets for identifying efficiencies for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Efficiencies identified in previous years were used to reinvest in improved services but going forward they will be used to offset the reduction in income.

The financial positions of Acorn, Calico Enterprise and SafeNet are facing challenges as a result of the difficult external environment. We are managing inherent risks that are a result of reliance upon contractual income from commissioners of services. We have worked hard to continue to grow by diversifying, looking for different income streams and work with a wider range of partners.

Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction is also financially sound and generating a surplus which is used, in part, to fund activities of other companies in the group. During 2015, Ring Stones became 100% owned by the Calico Group.

Whitworth Care Trust is not financially viable in its current form and size in the medium to long term although it does have sufficient reserves to continue operating for the coming year. This position is being addressed through a planned expansion of the service on a new site in the locality. The new facility will open in 2018.

In 2015, Calico Homes secured an additional £30m of funding. Therefore, the ability to fund future development will also be a key focus of our work as we look to the future and beyond our existing funding arrangements, against a policy backdrop of real uncertainty with regard to the level of Government subsidy for new social housing post 2015.

Delivering the Strategy – Meeting Key Challenges

Our six strategic project groups are a key focus of delivering our strategy. They are:

  • Being a Business
  • Care and Support
  • Growth
  • Passionate About Customers
  • Realising People’s Potential
  • Social Profit

These groups focus upon key activities to ensure that our services and activities are efficient, relevant in today’s operating environment and meet the needs of our current and future customers (and staff) by taking a long term view of how we do things and how we manage our assets.

Organisational Excellence

Further improving our operational services remains a priority. Our targets aspire to excellence and to ensuring that we continually improve performance for key services. Our performance is historically strong and for 2015/16 we have seen further improvements with an increase in the amount of rent collected and a reduction in the amount of rent loss through dwellings being vacant.

Our plan identifies having motivated, well managed and developed staff as a central tenet for a successful organisation. The work of the Realising People’s Potential strategic group is focused upon developing our talent further and we are implementing our Leadership Development programme as part of our People Strategy. We continue to progress in this area and in February 2016 were named 16th in the Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Best Not for Profit Organisations to Work for’ – the eighth year in succession that we have been placed in the top 100.

Additionally in 2015 we were reassessed as meeting the ‘Investors in People’ Gold Standard. We met all 196 evidence requirements with the assessor concluding that ‘the Calico journey represents a first class example of an organisation transforming its performance through investment in people’. We also met the requirements of the ‘Investors in People’ Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Award.

These awards are not only recognition from our staff that they are well managed, motivated and developed but have also enhanced our reputation; these factors reaffirm our view that the organisation is culturally positioned to continue to deliver success and attract the best staff to further the attainment of our objectives.


Our 2014/16 Growth Strategy was extremely successful and resulted in turnover which had more than doubled since 2006 and an increase in employment numbers from just over 300 in 2012 to nearly 700 in 2016. Our latest Strategy was adopted in April 2014, and we are on track to deliver this Strategy. A new Strategy will be completed in December 2016.

The key strands of our growth activity are:

  • Stock growth through development and acquisitions
  • Helping people to live independently
  • Worklessness service
  • Provision of health, wellbeing and care services
  • Services to victims of domestic violence and abuse
  • Construction services
  • Drugs and alcohol services.

The key growth activity for Calico Homes is through new build (including mixed tenure developments) and acquisition of properties within East Lancashire and surrounding areas for social housing and supported housing including care.

Calico Enterprise’s focus will on be diversifying activities away from services funded by Supporting People and increasing the worklessness projects that we offer. AFTA Thought joined Calico Enterprise in March 2016 and they work with a wide range of partners in different sectors.

SafeNet’s growth focus will be upon successfully establishing the new Preston refuge and ensuring that services can be delivered at all refuges following the withdrawal of Supporting People funding. SafeNet have expanded its community work and ‘safe house’ initiative in Burnley and Lancaster, and are currently working on the first safe house for male victims of domestic abuse.

A significant element of our growth aspirations is through Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction LLP that launched in September 2012. The company has made an excellent start, was profitable in its first two trading years, has a healthy order book and already employs in excess of sixty local people.

Acorn’s main challenge over the next two years lies with the retention of most of its current Drug and Alcohol Action Team related contracts. There are a number of opportunities that arise from increasing the supply of ‘recovery housing’, tender opportunities for community provision and linking in to the ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ agenda.

Group Structure and Governance

We have restructured the Calico group such that the parent company is now a non-asset owning, non-HCA registered body. All the companies are subsidiaries of the new parent although Calico Homes is the trustee of Whitworth Care Trust. This structure retains the focus on delivery of objectives at a subsidiary level, increases the legal protection of the social housing assets and enables a stronger governance structure to be in place.

Cohesive, experienced and skilled Boards are critical to our future success. Board development plans framed from a robust selection and appraisal process are in place to ensure we have high quality governance and this will be more important than ever as the effectiveness of Boards takes on greater significance through the localism agenda and co-regulation emphasis from the regulatory body. Additionally, the cohesiveness of all subsidiary Boards and their effectiveness in working together to achieve the Calico vision is critical and is therefore an important feature of the development plans.

Operating Environment

Our operating environment for the lifetime of this plan will require organisations such as ours to be strategically agile to respond to the continued public expenditure pressures, associated threats brought about by the current state of the UK economy and the implementation of the Government’s policy agenda. Particular threats and opportunities are:

  • Welfare reform, in particular Housing Benefit eligibility
  • The levels of public subsidy being available to fund new social housing construction and the focus of the Government of Home Ownership
  • The HCA approach to regulation that places more emphasis upon local decisions and housing association board effectiveness
  • The amount of funding available for Supporting People and local authority funding in general
  • The overall ‘spending’ power of all of our key customers and particularly challenging times for charities and organisations seeking non-core funding to provide services
  • Levels of pay in a number of sectors that we operate can be low such as in the care sector, or high in the construction sector
  • Local authority service provision – meaning that on our estates, key services are being reduced, potentially resulting in ourselves having to consider additional services
  • Growth and diversification opportunities have emerged, such as supported housing and extra care
  • Uncertainty following the EU Referendum

Cost effective, responsive and innovative organisations such as Calico are likely to prosper at the expense of other organisations in times of reduced public spending. Such a financial environment may actually offer more opportunities and delivery of this plan positions us positively in this respect and means we can approach the forthcoming period with confidence.


Our Corporate Plan sets out our future direction and defines how we intend to meet our challenging targets. Achieving these targets will continue to ensure that we are well managed, financially viable and delivering excellent customer services that our current and future tenants and service users want, meeting their individual requirements and providing high levels of satisfaction.

The significance of the group structure and the ability of Calico companies to provide a comprehensive offer around a range of valuable and diverse services means that we are well placed to prosper in the markets within which we operate.


Note on terminology

The Calico Group (or “the Group”) is the parent company of Acorn Recovery Projects, Calico Enterprise Limited, Calico Homes Limited, Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction LLP, and SafeNet.

Acorn Recovery Projects is a registered charity that provides a range of innovative drug and alcohol rehabilitation services across the North West.

Calico Enterprise Limited is a registered charity that undertakes a range of activities including housing related support, provision of worklessness initiatives and information and advice services.

Calico Homes Limited is a housing association whose principal activity is owning and managing approximately 4,600 properties. In April 2013 it became a registered charity.

Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction LLP undertakes maintenance and house building contracts on a commercial basis.

SafeNet is a registered charity that empowers women and children to live free from domestic violence and abuse.