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Posted on 9 October 2017

Burnley business booms for Calico charities and it’s the community who benefits

Burnley-based group Calico has seen a significant increase in its financial turnover, a great success story as they continue to focus investment in the area.

Publishing its annual accounts ahead of Burnley Business Week, The Calico Group has seen an increase of 17% to its consolidated annual turnover, taking it to £37m for 2016/17.

Since The Calico Group is comprised of not-for-profit companies and charities, surpluses are being put back into funding local employment opportunities, the creation of new homes for the town, and life-changing services for vulnerable people in our community.

Projects for the area include:

  • £1.2 million programme of works to improve properties across the Brunshaw estate, improving quality of accommodation and reducing heating costs for local residents.
  • The creation of Jane’s Place, the first complex needs recovery refuge in the North, providing a safe place to stay and treatment for people affected by domestic abuse.
  • The new Gateway complex, a state of the art wellbeing project that will provide support and employment training to homeless and vulnerable people, helping them to find work and lead independent lives.
  • Calico is also investing heavily in the town, building 140 new homes across Burnley at a cost of £15m, and has spent £21m on its existing housing stock over the past five years.
  • Calico plans to invest another £40m in the next four years.

In the past 12 months, Calico has created over 20 apprenticeship placements in construction, painting and decorating, office work and caretaking.

Calico currently employs 650 members of staff and over 60 apprentices in total.

Anthony Duerden, Chief Executive of The Calico Group, said:

“Calico is a not-for-profit charitable group, and we have no shareholders or investors. This means all our surpluses are driven right back into services that benefit our local community and make a real difference to people’s lives here in Burnley.

“We’re also seeing the impact of our investments on the Burnley economy with small businesses and charities benefiting from new homes being built locally, and also through the creation of new jobs for Burnley people.”

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