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Posted on 5 August 2020

Calico Homes Acquires 57 New Bungalows in Burnley

Calico Homes has acquired 57 new bungalows on Abinger Street in Burnley and the Neighbourhood’s team have been busy making socially distanced door to door visits to welcome their new customers, introduce themselves and ensure that the transfer of existing tenancies went smoothly.

As Calico Homes continues to grow and invest in the community and diversify the homes it has to offer, the bungalows provide additional affordable housing in the local area for older residents.

Annabelle Edge, Income and Sustainment Trainee at Calico Homes, and Judith Gizzi, Calico Homes Neighbourhood Officer, spent time speaking with the new customers and making sure that they were happy and supported during the transitional period.

Resident Elaine Elliot said, “I was over the moon when I found out that Calico Homes were taking over the bungalows. I have been a Calico customer in the past and always found them to be a fair and understanding landlord. They were also really good with any repairs needs I had.”

Judith says, “It was lovely to be able to meet our new customers face to face and introduce our team, who will be around to assist with any needs they have, now and in the future.

We talked through all of the details and are pleased to have been able to transfer them onto an assured tenancy, offering more long-term security. Seeing Calico Homes continue to invest in more homes is really positive and we look forward to supporting our new Abinger Street customers.”

Annabelle Edge and Abinger customer Calico Homes


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