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Posted on 4 August 2015

Calico internships work for Thomas Whitham students

Three students from Thomas Whitham Sixth Form are gaining essential work experience thanks to The Calico Group’s internship programme.

The internship programme will provide the three students – Rida Khalid, Saba Saeed, and Maria Zafar – with valuable experience, and aims to help raise their aspirations around future careers.
The programme, which has been nationally recognised by business-community outreach charity Business in the Community, lasts approximately six months.
The students are placed with different businesses within The Calico Group for half a day every week, giving them ample opportunity to learn and experience working life in a busy office environment.
Speaking about the programme, Saba said:

“I signed up for the internship programme as I have a genuine interest for business, and thought this would be a great opportunity to gain an insight into the business world and how the company works.

“I have really enjoyed meeting the team and working closely with them. I also look forward to working with the community as well. ”

The three students will work closely alongside existing Calico staff – Clive Durkin, Tessa Mugan, and Jodie Wiggans – who will also get the chance to develop their managerial skills through the internship programme.

Tessa said:

“It’s been great having an intern to work with and share my knowledge with. This is the first time I have managed someone at work, so it’s a great experience for me and makes me appreciate all the help I get from my own managers.

“Saba is great to work with and has fit in well with the team. She has picked up the work very quickly and I am really pleased with everything she’s done so far.

“I look forward to developing projects with her and hope she learns a lot from working with me – I am sure I will learn a lot from her.”

Stuart Wright, Calico’s HR Services Officer, said:

“The internship scheme provides students with real life, tangible experience in a working environment. It’s not just filing and making the tea – it’s about them learning, gaining experience and new skills and also benefitting our business.

“The feedback we have received from students who have previously been through the programme has been very positive in terms of their placement, the support offered by their manager and colleagues, and the advantage it gives them when applying for future jobs and university places.”

For more information about this and similar Calico initiatives, visit or call 01282 686300.

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