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Posted on 13 July 2021

Safe working and our plans to reopen

The end of COVID restrictions, both at home and in the workplace, is a subject that has got everybody talking.

I recognise there are mixed feelings around what this means to people at home, in our communities, and at work. Many are keen to get back to “normal”, but many others are anxious about what that means and how it will affect them.

Whatever happens as we move forward, we should recognise the positive difference people have made by pulling together to support each other and their wider communities over the past year – I think it is important that we do not let go of that and continue to find ways to come together to help each other.

We should also recognise the many people impacted by COVID and be grateful for the keyworkers and care staff who have done so much for our communities, keeping us and our families safe throughout.

There will continue to be challenges in the wake of the pandemic, both for our community and our economy. We are committed to supporting people wherever they are in need, and we can only do that if we continue to stay safe and take a measured, carefully thought-out approach in the weeks ahead.

We will continue to work safely

Throughout the crisis, we have been focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for all our customers, whilst looking after our people and our business.

Our services have continued to be in high demand and people’s wellbeing remains our number one priority, so we will move forward with our plans to reopen services wherever it is the right thing to do and carefully reviewing the steps we take as we go.

However, safe ways of working will stay in place for the good of customers and staff for the time being – especially where we know we work with more vulnerable people.

(Please check each company’s website and social media for service changes as they are made.)

In addition, where we have introduced new ways of supporting customers, these will stay in place if they have shown that they improve accessibility and choice. Our commitment to Burnley Together will also continue and we are pleased to see other partners joining us in making a commitment to maintaining the support being offered through the community hub.

To our customers, colleagues, and partners: thank you once again for all your support, your patience and your continued commitment to helping us deliver the best possible services.

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