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Posted on 1 April 2019

The Calico Group employee goes purple and raises over £400 for Epilepsy Action

A brave Calico Group employee has dyed her hair purple to help raise money for Epilepsy Action, and to raise awareness of the condition.

Stephanie Holden, Data Protection Co-ordinator for The Calico Group, dyed her hair on Purple Day, a grassroots event held annually on March 26th to raise awareness around Epilepsy and to encourage support.

People are usually encouraged to wear purple clothing or bake purple cupcakes on Purple Day.

However, as this is a cause particularly close to her heart, Stephanie was determined to go one step further in her effort to support Epilepsy Action, a UK charity committed to creating a better life for everyone affected by Epilepsy.

Stephanie has managed to raise over £300 through JustGiving to support her fundraising endeavours, and a further £105 from her colleagues at The Calico Group

Stephanie said:

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me – the generosity people have shown me has been overwhelming.

“I have epilepsy and I have been very lucky in that, overall, my epilepsy has been well controlled and so I have been able to lead a normal life. That is not the case for everyone with epilepsy.

“I had a period where I changed my medication because, as a woman with epilepsy, the type I was taking meant that I couldn’t have children. Through this change, I lost control over my seizures and I ended up losing my job, my driving licence, my home, my fiancé, my dog and my independence.

“I had a terrible time, so I made a decision to go back on the medication that kept my seizures controlled. It was not an easy decision, as I will never have children, but I feel lucky as my seizures are now under control, I have a fantastic job that I love, I got my driving licence back and I have regained my independence. Some people can go through all this and never get back control of their seizures.

“If people are able to support me, their contributions would help a fantastic cause – the support and research that can be accomplished with the money raised will help give so many people a chance in life.”

To support Stephanie’s challenge, visit her JustGiving page to donate

For more information about the work Epilepsy Action carry out, visit

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