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Posted on 26 February 2019

The Calico Group is first North West housing association to achieve National Skills Academy for Construction, creating essential employment and training opportunities for local people

The Calico Group has become the first North West Housing Association to achieve National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) status, helping to create a number of quality training and employment opportunities in the construction sector.

The Construction Industry Training Board’s NSAfC accreditation supports organisations to create employment and training opportunities when procuring construction work.

The toolkit contains a series of industry approved benchmarks, set against eight key performance indicators to make sure opportunities are created for all members of the community and the existing construction workforce.

The Calico Group have been working with a number of local authorities across Lancashire to support them to create training and employment outcomes on construction projects by using the NSAfC toolkit.

Jane Smith, Partnership Manager within the Social Impact Team at The Calico Group, said:

“It seemed only right that we practice what we preach. We have worked with five local authorities in Lancashire to support them to achieve employment and skills outcomes on construction projects by using their Planning or Procurement powers.

“Ensuring we achieve these outcomes on our own construction projects was the natural thing to do.”

With the NSAfC accreditation, The Calico Group will ensure that the achievement of training and employment outcomes is built into the commissioning process.

The benchmarks contained within NSAfC ensure that the outcomes are relevant, proportionate and achievable across a range of construction projects.

Wendy Malone, Assistant Director of Neighbourhood Growth at The Calico Group, said:

“On average, The Calico Group commission three new construction projects per year in partnership with our construction company Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction.

“The exciting opportunity for The Calico Group is to ensure that our tenants and communities are able to access the training and employment opportunities that are created as a result of these projects.”

The benchmarks contained within NSAfC include working with local schools to inspire young people to take an interest in the wide range of jobs available within the construction sector, providing work experience training weeks, jobs and apprenticeships, and upskilling the existing workforce.

Andrew Bridge, Local Manager at CITB, said:

“In the next ten years, around 40,000 new jobs will be required within the construction sector in Lancashire.

“By achieving NSAfC status, The Group Calico has demonstrated its commitment to supporting training and employment that is vital to the sector, whilst at the same time being able to make an impact within their local community.”

For more information about training and employment opportunities delivered by The Calico Group, visit or contact Jane Smith on 01282 686310.

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