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Posted on 16 May 2019

Volunteers develop new skills with Acorn Academy’s Peer Mentoring programme

A group of volunteer learners are developing new skills around Peer Mentoring, thanks to a new programme delivered by Acorn Academy.

Three weeks in, the group are fully immersed in the learning process which is focussed on how to support and mentor individuals in an appropriate manner.

The Peer Mentoring programme, which takes place at Acorn Recovery Project’s head office in Stockport, is providing the learners with key knowledge and skills, including how to implement boundaries, raise awareness and enhance their emotional intelligence.

The most recent lesson was based around the importance of self-care, teaching them how to take care of their own physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing while providing support for others.

The programme lasts for eight weeks, and learners will receive a Level 2 qualification once they complete the training.

Patrick Talbot, Academy Co-ordinator, said:

“We’re really pleased with the progress our current learners have made so far – it’s really promising to see them develop.

“The course is a fantastic way for people to learn new skills, and to help them be more aware of their emotional intelligence.”

Acorn Academy provides quality training for professionals, other organisations, and our own staff.

Working with Calico Homes, Acorn Academy also delivers Training with Impact, which provides unique and innovative training opportunities to help people develop new skills, build their knowledge and gain more confidence.

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